How do you prioritise ?

Vyshnavi T S
2 min readApr 23, 2022


Prioritisation Frameworks

One size “does not” fits all!

We all know that we cannot use the same mental models to prioritise work, ideas, and requests while developing our product. It is important to evaluate the relative importance to deliver value in the quickest possible way.

Here are some artefacts to help with that!

Why is it important?

It allows you to give your attention to tasks that are important and urgent so that you can focus on lower priority tasks later.

Prioritisation Artefacts:

✨1 Kano model

The Kano model weighs customer satisfaction against the cost to implement. This framework can be useful for teams that want to determine which features to build for a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP).

Templates: Kano Model

✨2 MoSCoW method

The MoSCoW method qualifies initiatives and features into four categories: Must-haves Should-haves Could-haves Will not have at this time MoSCoW prioritization can help teams deliver incremental value across each of the four categories.

Templates: MosCow Matrix

Further Reading: MoSCoW Prioritization

✨ 3 Product tree

Product tree refers to an exercise in which the product roadmap is represented by a tree — Branches: The primary product or system functionalities | Roots: The technical requirements needed to support feature branches | Leaves: New feature ideas This method of feature prioritization can be helpful for organizations with a large portfolio of products. The visual of a tree encourages teams to focus across the portfolio with decisions that positively impact the entire ecosystem.

Templates: Prune the Product Tree Template

Further Reading: Product Tree

✨ 4 RICE

The RICE framework scores features based on four factors: Reach: How many customers the feature will benefit| Impact: A measurable impact to customers or the business, such as an increase in sales or customer sentiment| Confidence: Proposed value to the customer |Effort: Resources needed to complete the feature.

Templates: RICE

Further Reading: RICE Score

✨ 5 Value vs. effort

Somewhat of a simplified version of RICE, the value vs. effort framework scores features based on value to the customer and organizational effort. Lean teams that prefer a lightweight framework may choose this one.

Templates: Value vs Effort Method

Further Reading: Value vs Effort